Why choose Haplast for Clear Plastic Zipper Bags?

Haplast offers reclosable Clear Plastic Zipper Bags for all your packaging needs. All of our reclosable bags are manufactured to the highest quality standards and offer excellent clarity and reliable closure performance.

Haplast can produce Clear Plastic Zipper Bags in different sizes and styles

Clear Plastic Zipper Bags are the perfect choice for applications that need the ability to open and reseal the plastic bag. Our clients often use these bags when packaging many small parts that are used one at a time. Zipper bags can also help keep items fresh and clean if the packaged object is meant to be stored in its protective plastic bag when not in use. No matter what size you need, Haplast has got you covered.

Our bags can be custom made to your size specifications, produced with your choice of high-quality material and printing options. We create re-closable bags in many industries for many shapes and sizes. Common applications include the packaging of small parts, booklets, pens, textiles, holiday decorations, sports equipment, medical devices, and they are also used extensively in food service.

We offer good-quality Clear Plastic Zipper Bags at economical prices

  • Bags meet FDA/USDA standards for food contact
  • Made with 100% virgin low-density polyethylene
  • The zipper-type seal closes securely and is easy to open and close
  • Excellent clarity so you can see what’s inside the bag
  • Trustworthy zip closure protects your contents
  • Perfect for storing, displaying, and protecting

If you have any questions about our clear ziptop bags, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists to help you get the answers you need.

Clear Plastic Zipper Bags 
Single Track Ziplock Bag
Clear Plastic Zipper Bags
Ziplock bags with writing panel
Clear Plastic Zipper Bags 
Double Track Zipper Bag
Clear Plastic Zipper Bags 
Slider Bag


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