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Punch Out Handle Plastic Bag Made in Vietnam

At Haplast, you can find Punch Out Handle Plastic Bags, that are made of high quality reusable plastic, strong & durable, eye catching printed… Features of Custom Punch Out Handle Plastic Bag Giving your customer a Custom Punch Out Handle Poly Bag with the company’s image printed on it can effectively expand your brand awareness. […]

Haplast’s Meat roll bags with amazing features

Haplast offers Meat roll bags to store your meats safely and securely for a short period. The food packaging bags are perfect for the temporary storage of chicken, pork, and other meats. Features of Meat roll bags made by Haplast Using our Custom Printed Plastic Meat Roll Bag is an easy way to sell your […]

Haplast’s booth at PACK EXPO 2022 attracted a lot of visitors

Attending PACK EXPO 2022, Haplast’s booth with variety of sustainable packaging products which are able to meet the needs of any industry and interested by many consumers, has attracted a lot of international visitors from all over the world. It’s a good occasion for interested people as well as enterprises to find suitable packaging solutions […]

Haplast has been attending PACK EXPO 2022

We are very excited to announce that Haplast has been attending PACK EXPO 2022 Exhibition in Chicago with our own booth LL9603. The PACK EXPO is the largest packaging show in the world and offers great opportunity for education, industry trends, technological advancements, business cooperation and much more. In this exhibition, visitors can find at […]

5 Awesome Advantages of Drawstring Trash Bags

Haplast JSC is a leading Drawstring Trash Bags Manufacturer in Vietnam with various sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Our trash bags are highly appreciated by all customers because of high quality and good services. Why we should use Drawstring Trash Bags? Drawstring Trash Bag is one of the most popular types of Garbage Bag nowadays. Designed […]

5 Advantages Of Custom Printed Poly Wicketed Bags

Our Poly Wicketed Bags are the answer to the need for a bagging system that is quick and smooth. They make packaging faster and more efficient. What Are Poly Wicketed Bags? Wicketed bags are a stack of plastic bags attached to a wire wicket. The bags securely hold in place by rubber washers and sometimes a […]

3 Amazing Advantages of Ziplock Jewelry Bags

Haplast offers Ziplock Jewelry Bags, that are made of high quality plastic durable and strong, providing a good protection and display for your goods. Ziplock Jewelry Bags are incredibly durable and protect your good effectively Our Clear Ziplock Jewelry Bags are made of food grade plastic material, 100% airtight, non-toxic, odorless, and effectively protect your […]

5 Amazing Ways for Food Retail Packaging

Haplast offers a wide variety of bags for food retail packaging, that are safe for food contact, cost-effective and practical, easy to ship and stock… The first option for Food Retail Packaging: Produce Bag roll Produce Bags on a roll are Great value and fit all your needs. Durable and Heavy produce bags for food […]

How Food Packaging Bags Can Increase Sales?

Haplast offers a wide variety of food packaging bags & other food packaging options that help to protect your food from outside environment and impacts during delivery and distribution. In the food and beverage industry, the market is extremely competitive. Therefore, the consumers have many options to choose from. So, it’s a must for food suppliers […]