Vietnamese Manufacturer of Good Garbage Bags at Cheap Price

Haplast is a manufacturer of custom packaging products, including poly bags, poly film, poly sheeting and compostable products. We offer a variety of different types and sizes of custom packaging bags to meet all your needs.

Especially, our garbage bags and heavyweight bags are manufactured with an excellent construction to eliminate breakage on side seams. Our garbage bags can be made in a variety of different sizes, styles and colors. They have great resistance to punctures and tears, meaning that you can use these garbage bags for sharper objects such as broken glass and rough food waste such as seafood with shells…

Haplast offers A Wide Variety of Garbage Bags at Cheap Price

Star seal garbage bags on roll

The star seal design eliminates the weak points found in other types of seals, reducing the risk of leaks. This is particularly important when dealing with wet or damp waste. The star seal pattern distributes the weight and stress evenly across the bottom of the bag, making it more resistant to tearing and punctures. This enhances the overall strength and durability of the bag. Star-sealed garbage bags are highly flexible, conforming to the shape of the trash can and allowing for efficient use of space. This flexibility also makes it easier to tie off the bag securely.

Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Drawstring garbage bags

The drawstring feature allows for easy and secure closure of the garbage bag. Users can simply pull the drawstrings tight to seal the bag, preventing spills and odors. The drawstrings also serve as handles, making it easy to lift and carry the bag without having to touch the trash directly. This can be especially helpful when dealing with heavy or messy waste. The drawstring closure helps to seal in odors, reducing unpleasant smells in the surrounding area. This is particularly beneficial for kitchens where food waste can generate strong odors.

Garbage Bags Garbage Bags

C-fold garbage bags

The C-fold design allows for easy dispensing from a garbage bag dispenser or container. The C-fold shape makes it simple to grab one bag at a time, promoting efficiency and reducing the likelihood of tearing or jamming. The C-fold design helps maintain a neat and organized appearance, as the bags are less likely to spill out or become tangled when stored in a dispenser or container. C-fold garbage bags are often used in high-traffic areas where a large number of bags may need to be dispensed quickly and efficiently. This makes them suitable for commercial settings, public spaces, or busy households.

Garbage Bags Garbage Bags

Garbage bags with flap ties

Flap ties provide a secure closure mechanism for the garbage bag. The flaps can be easily tied together to seal the bag tightly, preventing any leakage or odors from escaping. The flap ties make it easy to handle and transport the garbage bag. They serve as convenient handles for carrying the bag to the dumpster or trash bin without having to touch the actual waste. The secure closure provided by flap ties helps in containing unpleasant odors, keeping the surrounding area more sanitary and pleasant. This is particularly useful in the kitchen and other areas where strong odors can be an issue.

Garbage Bags
The flap ties add an extra layer of protection against spills. They help to keep the contents of the bag contained, reducing the risk of messy spills when carrying the bag from one location to another.

Garbage Bags Garbage Bags Garbage Bags

Why should choose Haplast as your Garbage Bags Manufacturer?

Our custom trash bags are engineered to provide high-quality bags that withstand heavy loads without breaking or tearing.
These trash bags can also made with 100% renewable energy or eco-friendly materials, meaning that they can be recycled or compostable.
At Haplast, we can create custom bags with logos or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry. With thousands of different styles of plastic bags, tubing, and sheeting, and 12 color printing technology, we can print custom plastic bags with logos, designs, or any messaging to suit your industry or brand needs. We can use any combination of the thousands of Pantone colors to print your logo on your custom bags.

Order Your Cheap Price Custom Garbage Bags Today from A Leading Manufacturer in Vietnam

With 2 Modern Factories located in An Thi, Hung Yen province, Vietnam, and over 20 years in the business, you can count on the speed, quality, and experience of Haplast for all your custom plastic bag orders.

If you have any questions about our custom poly trash bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to get the answers you need. 

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