Sandwich Bags & 5 Tips to Freeze Food Successfully

Sandwich bags made by Haplast can be used to freeze food successfully. Sandwich bags (also called Ziplock bags) are the best choice for freezing food as they are strong, will seal well and keep your food safely frozen. Freeze pre-made sandwiches for school or work, fruit, or cake to keep it fresh.

5 Tips to Freeze Your Food in Sandwich Bags

1. Remove all of the air

Remove all the air from the ziplock bag before placing it in the freezer. This can be as simply as squeezing the air from the top and sealing the bag quickly. When using a Ziplock bag quickly run your fingers over the zip to seal it.
Sandwich Bags
Make sure you push the air out of the Ziplock back before sealing it.

2. Seal it well

Sealing the zipper bag well before placing it in the freezer is important to keep your food protected from freezer burn or collecting ice and water on the surface. Ziplock bags make it easy as they come built in with a sealing mechanism.
Sandwich Bags

3. Label it correctly

Labelling food frozen in sandwich bags is incredibly important. Once food goes in your freezer it can be hard to remember what is in each bag so write the date and the type of food on the bag. Many sandwich bags will even come with a white area which is perfect for labelling your food.
Sandwich Bags
At Haplast, you can buy food grade plastic ziplock bags with write-on panels, that help you easily identify the contents inside the bags and their use-by dates. You can these bags to store and organize a variety of food items. These storage zip bags are sturdy, and won’t tear while holding hefty foods. They are greaseproof to store oily foods too, without messes!

4. Avoid salad ingredients

Avoid freezing ingredients in sandwich bags that are fresh that contain excess water. It might be tempting to freeze a healthy salad sandwich but this will not work. Ingredients such as lettuce will turn to mush when frozen so stick to basic sandwich ingredients such as cheese, peanut butter and jelly.
Sandwich Bags
You should dry the vegetable as much as you can before putting in the bag.

5. Check the food for freezer burn

Make sure you use a good quality sandwich bag or freezer bag to seal your food. Freezer-safe sandwich bags are the best choice to freeze your food as they will be thicker and are designed to seal tightly. This will keep air out, prevent freezer burn and keep your food fresher for longer.

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