Poly shipping bags & 3 reasons to choose Haplast

Haplast poly shipping bags offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to package and ship a variety of products. Whether you’re shipping clothing, documents, books, or electronics, our poly mailers are designed to keep your items safe during transit.

Haplast offers high-quality poly shipping bags

Our poly shipping bags are made from lightweight materials to reduce shipping costs and simplify handling. The poly mailers are tear-resistant and water-resistant to keep contents protected during transit. Whether you’re using them for your business or shipping personal items, our mailing bags provide a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable packaging solution for a range of products.

Our custom-printed shipping bags are a great way to improve your brand appearance

E-commerce businesses have an excellent opportunity to create a memorable first impression. As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges building your brand awareness and creating a professional appearance.
Our custom mailing bags are an effective method of brand marketing.

Our custom-printed poly mailers are affordable

Our enthusiastic consultants will help you design custom mailbags that fit your budget. Our printed poly mailers will distinguish your brand without breaking the bank.
Haplast has produced custom shipping bags for 20 years, providing solutions for clothing, food, retail, and a variety of other industries. We keep ahead of the curve in the production of innovative packaging & shipping bags that are sturdy, budget-conscious, and environmentally responsible. We are your first choice for businesses that need reliable packaging solutions.

Poly shipping bags

poly shipping bags

poly shipping bags

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