Poly Mailer & 5 Amazing Reasons For Using in Shipping

What is the main application of Poly Mailers?

Poly Mailers are one of the most popular plastic packaging, commonly used in shipping. Poly mailers are produced from the highest-quality materials, ensuring that your materials are kept completely safe. Operating a business can be a lot of work and involve numerous challenges. This is particularly true when it comes to shipping orders effectively and securely. There is a lot of room for error in the shipping process, ranging from potential damage during shipping to products being lost in the mail. While mistakes will inevitably happen, shipping your products in high-quality poly mailers can provide an excellent solution and help you overcome many of the risks that could arise during the shipping process.

Poly Mailer
Poly Mailers are durable enough to protect soft merchandise like clothes, shoes, and other products from dust, dirt, and extreme weather conditions during reshipment.

There is a lot of room in the shipping process, especially when your business focuses on shipping fragile products. Recently, E-commerce companies are using more and more Poly mailers instead of Carton boxes or puddle envelopes to save money. Because mailers are lightweight, moisture- resistant and come in a variety of sizes. From that, they can provide an excellent solution and help customers overcome many risks that could arise during the shipping process.

Whether you’re new to using Poly mailers or have enjoyed their shipping ease for years now, here are some benefits of using them:

5 Reasons for Using Poly Mailers in Shipping

While mailer boxes of similar size can be as costly as $1.25 or more per unit, even when buying in bulk. Poly mailers, though, are usually only about $0.25 per unit when purchased in bulk.
Besides, there may be times when the customer is not satisfied with his or her purchase or needs to return an item for some other reason. With these mailers, you are able to make the return process as easy and convenient as possible for the customer. There is no need for additional addressing or packaging.
poly mailers
Poly mailing bags cut down the cost associated with returning the wrong products since it comes with a built-in second seal strip. This will not only facilitate speedy turnarounds but also improve the customer service aspect of your business.
Protect Merchandise:
Poly mailers are also designed to be quite sturdy. Made of waterproof material, poly mailers provide protection that no carton box or paper envelope can provide. Moreover, with a permanent seal strip, you can rest assured to ship anything from books, gifts, clothing,.. to important documents.
poly mailers
Poly mailing bags are also durable enough to protect soft merchandise like clothes, shoes, and other products from dust, dirt, and extreme weather conditions during reshipment. Last but not least, custom poly bags may have the logo of your company or any important information regarding a recent promotional offer printed to inform your customers about it.
Made for Easy Storage:
Spatial relationships don’t have to be your strong suit to see why shipping boxes—even if they’re collapsed—take up more space than poly mailer bags. Cardboard can create a lot of clutter in the packaging process, turning your fulfillment area into a bit of a… hazard zone. Poly mailers, on the other hand, are simple to lay out and pack products into and they don’t require the abundance of assembly that comes with corrugated cardboard boxes.
poly mailers
Designed for Durability:
Weather-proof, water/dust resistant, and not easily torn, poly mailers are able to withstand a wide range of conditions without compromising the contents inside.
Poly Mailers
They’re easy to brand and customized:
You can customize your mailing bags with your company’s name and logo, your packages will be instantly recognized. This can be achieved through printing or even changing the color of the envelope from white to a color of your choice. This can also help avoid shipping mistakes and will help increase brand awareness and elevation.

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