Microwave Safe Containers & 3 Amazing Advantages

At Haplast, you can buy Microwave Safe Containers that come with clear lids. Perfect for Takeaway Restaurants, Food Delivery Businesses, or Meal Preparation, etc.

Features of Microwave Safe Containers Made By Haplast JSC

These Microwave Safe Food Trays are made of the highest quality food safe materials, so they can withstand temperatures from -40C to +120C (-40F to 250F). You can totally enjoy your meal without worrying about harmful chemicals leaking into your food.

The Food Storage Containers are built with 2 separate compartments (We can manufacture customised containers to fit your business needs), perfect for packaging multiple entrees, sides, or desserts in the same container. Great for keeping meals organized!

Microwave Safe Containers
Microwaveable multi compartment trays are perfect for delivered food or retail, the plastic containers with clear lids make great lunch boxes that are food grade, microwave & freezer safe.
Microwave Safe Containers
These plastic containers with lids are microwave-safe.

Microwave Safe Containers

Microwave Safe Containers

Microwave Safe Containers

3 Amazing Advantages of Microwave Safe Containers

You can use these microwavable containers to conveniently store, reheat, and serve your delicious dishes!

Our food storage trays are built with multi separate compartments, making it perfect for meals to be served up separately but within the same pack.

These food containers with clear lids provide a conveniently portable and mess-free solution for packing lunches, meal prep needs, or packaging food for take out or delivery.

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