Manufacturer of Gusseted Poly Bags at Wholesale Prices

Gusseted poly bags are often used in food packaging as well as hardware items, crafts, gardening, and much more. Haplast offers a variety of choices so that your business can find the bags that it needs for your products.

Haplast provides Gusseted Poly Bags for all your packaging needs

Made from durable and protective materials, our range of gusseted poly bags is perfect for presenting, storing, and protecting your products from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors. They can be customized in a variety of sizes, materials, and thicknesses. You can choose clear polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), recyclable or biodegradable options. All our gusset bags feature strong side and bottom seals that won’t tear under pressure, ensuring your products stay safe and secure.

Most of gusseted poly bags are transparent, providing excellent visibility of the contents. This can be advantageous for product presentation, display, or when quick identification of the packaged items is necessary. These bags can hold everything from small and large parts to all types of food items.

Our gusseted bags can also be heat-sealed to provide security and/or retain freshness.

Side Gusset Bags

Side gusset bags are made to have expandable sides to allow room for bulky items. These bags are great for popcorn, bread, party favors, and more.

gusseted poly bag
A side gusset is manufactured with the sides creased and lower corners folded inwards.


gusseted poly bag
The gussets in these bags provide increased capacity compared to standard flat bags. This extra space allows for bulkier or irregularly shaped items to fit comfortably within the bag.

Bottom Gusset Bags

Our bottom gusset bags have sturdy bottoms that expand and allow the bag to stand upright. The bottom gusset allows for easy filling and loading of products into the bag. This can streamline the packaging process and reduce the likelihood of damage to the items being packaged. The gusseted bottom also provides a broader base, contributing to increased stability when the bag is standing. This is beneficial for products that need to be displayed or stored in an upright position. With options with and without paper inserts, these bags are perfect for cookie sets, candy, candles, mini donuts, and more.

gusseted poly bag
The bottom gusset design allows the bag to expand and stand upright when filled, maximizing storage capacity. This is particularly useful when packaging bulkier or irregularly shaped items.


Gusset Bags on Roll


Gusseted Poly Bags
The roll format allows for easy and efficient dispensing, particularly in high-volume packaging operations. This can streamline the packaging process and improve overall efficiency.
Gusseted Poly Bags
Rolls of gusseted poly bags take up less storage space compared to flat bags because they are tightly wound on a roll. This can be beneficial for businesses with limited storage space.

Why should choose Haplast as your manufacturer of Gusseted Poly Bags?

Firstly, Haplast’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Our gusseted poly bags are made with precision, using advanced manufacturing processes and high-grade materials to ensure durability and reliability. Therefore, all our packaging bags not only protect your products but also enhance their presentation.

Secondly, our gusseted poly bags can be customized to meet specific size and design requirements, offering a personalized packaging solution that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. This flexibility ensures that your products not only stand out on the shelves but also reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

Additionally, Haplast has achieved various INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS, underscoring our dedication to producing packaging solutions that meet or exceed global standards. These certifications not only demonstrate compliance with industry benchmarks but also reflect Haplast’s unwavering focus on delivering products of the highest caliber.

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