Laminated PP Woven Bag & 3 Amazing Advantages

Haplast offers custom-made laminated pp woven bags, that are non-toxic, non-staining, light-weight, sturdy, 100% reusable and durable, perfect for grocery shopping…

What is laminated PP woven bag?

It refers to the combination of woven polypropylene used to construct the bags and an additional layer, or laminated surface, of polypropylene, on which graphic images are printed. 
Laminated PP Woven Bag
Haplast offers reusable grocery pp woven bags, that are perfect for grocery shopping…
Laminated PP Woven Bag
These grocery PP woven bags are very durable, sturdy, easy to clean, can withstand upto 25kg of weight, and can be used over and over again. They are one of the most popular grocery shopping bags.

Advantages of using Laminated PP Woven Tote Bag

First of all, laminated pp woven tote bags have a lot of features, that make them widely used for grocery shopping: 100% reusable and durable, non-toxic, non-staining, water-proof, light in weight, excellent resistance to stress and highly resistant to cracking, etc.
Secondly, laminated pp woven bags can be printed with 100% coverage with no limit to creativity. PP woven tote bags with logo are one of the best promotional tools, which your customer can reuse again and again. Nowadays, more and more famous brands are using them as walking billboards.
Finally, if you use pp woven shopping bags rather than single-use plastic bags, you can reduce plastic usage, keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. So, you are helping to protect the environment in a major way.
Laminated PP Woven Bag
Laminated PP Woven Tote Bag produced by Haplast JSC

Laminated PP Woven Bag


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