Food Bags on Roll & 3 Amazing Features

Food Bags on Roll helps you preserve all your food items quickly and easily. Each is made with high-quality and safe-for-food-contact materials to lock in flavor while keeping air, moisture, and bacteria out. Our Food Bags on Rolls aren’t just limited to food preservation. You can keep your valuables safe and secure in your suitcase or even long-term storage space. No matter your storage needs, rely on us for the perfect seal.

What is Food Bags on Roll?

These plastic bags are apt for storing meat, fish, vegetables, bread and other produce. Food Bags on Roll are normally used in supermarkets & groceries for picking up fruits, vegetables and other edible products.
Clear enough to keep the content visible, strong enough to withhold the weight & perforated evenly for easy tear.
We offer best-in-class, durable plastic bags that are used in all major supermarkets & mini-marts.
These plastic bags are used for multi-purpose storing ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and confectionery products.
Food Bags on Roll
All our produce bags are made from FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic: a strong, thick, food-safe material that can be used to store and transport your vegetables, fruits, bread, meat, dried items and more.
Food Bags on Roll
One roll normally contains 100 bags in estimation. So, you can use Food Bags on Roll for a long time. It’s completely budget-friendly and just the right one for everyday use.

3 Amazing features of Food Bags on Roll

  • HIGH QUALITY: These bags are made of materials which meets all requirements for food contact. These high quality poly bags provide outstanding strength and come packed on convenient roll for fast dispensing, and are perforated for easy tear-off.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION: They are suitable for a variety of grocery items: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, candy, dried fruit, nuts, baked goods and more. Perfect used at produce stands, farmers markets, grocery stores, shopping malls, take-away outlets, bakeries, and so on. These multipurpose bags can also be used for lightweight items at gift shops or antique stores. You can also use them as trash bag at kitchen, bathroom, office (only for lightweight garbage).
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Food-grade plastic bags on rolls offer savings for you and quality for your customers. An reasonable choice for wholesale shopping bags.
food bags on roll
All our packaging bags can be customized according to your specific requirements.


food bags on roll
We also can offer you compostable food bags on roll. Made entirely from plant based materials, these eco-friendly food bags will decompose in a controlled composting environment in 45-60 days, leaving no harmful residues behind.

If you’re looking for bags to pack snacks, baked goods, produce, and more, we have different food safe options to meet your food-grade poly bag needs. Haplast can offers one of the largest selections of food bags you’ll find anywhere, along with the best prices and the fastest lead times.

food bags on roll
We manufacture high-quality poly food bags in different sizes, styles, and thicknesses for the food processing and packaging markets.


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