Flat bags on roll with core & 10 amazing benefits

Flat bags on roll with core made from HDPE, LDPE, MDPE… safe for food contact materials, easy to use at home, supermarkets, grocery stores, bakery stores ….

Flat bags on roll with core produced by HAPLAST

Nearly every industry uses Flat Poly Bags on Roll with core (or without core) in one way or another due to their versatility.
We have many sizes and compositions that can accommodate the most demanding needs!
Continuous roll of plastic bags which are perforated below the heat seal so they tear off easily and accurately to keep production rolling.
All open top flat poly bags on rolls are made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene and meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact.
flat bags on roll with core
Our flat bags on roll with core helps preserve the flavor, texture, and nutrients of food by locking out air, preventing absorption of nasty odours and flavours, and averting “freezer burn,” all of which lead to food waste.

Features of Flat bags on roll with core  

Products: bag on roll
Handle: no handle
Material: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, …
Specifications: As customers’ requirement
Sizes & Thickness: Customized according to customer’s request.
Bag color: Transparent or Any color as customized
Printing: Upto 8 colors (2 side), Customer’s Logo, company’s information, complicated images
flat bags on roll with core
Packaging is part of the solution to tackle food waste. Using our flat bags on roll with core to store food is a good way to prevent food spoilage, ensures food quality and safety along the supply chain and at home, increase shelf-life and provide portion sizes answering the multiple needs of consumer lifestyles and demographic changes.

Flat bags on roll with core & 10 amazing benefits

Convenient Dispensing: The core allows for easy dispensing of bags one at a time, making it efficient for packaging and distribution processes.
Space-Saving Design: The roll format with a core is space-efficient, as it can be stored on a dispenser or rack, saving storage space compared to loose bags.
Ease of Handling: The bags are typically easy to handle and separate, making them suitable for various applications such as packing, sorting, or organizing items.
Versatility: These bags are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including packaging food, textiles, parts, hardware, or any other products.
Customizable Sizes: Flat bags on a roll with a core are available in various sizes to accommodate different needs. This allows for customization based on the specific requirements of the items being packaged.
Material Options: The bags can be made from different materials, including plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene) or other materials depending on the desired properties such as strength, clarity, or barrier properties.
Cost-Effective Packaging: The roll format and dispensing system contribute to cost-effective packaging processes, as it can reduce labor time and streamline operations.
Protective Barrier: Depending on the material used, these bags can provide a protective barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors, helping to preserve the quality of the contents.
Environmentally Friendly Options: Some manufacturers offer environmentally friendly options, such as biodegradable or compostable materials, to address sustainability concerns.
Labeling and Printing: The flat surface of the bags allows for easy labeling or printing, enabling companies to add branding, product information, or other details for easy identification.
Flat bags on roll with core
With its convenient design, flat bags on roll with core are very suitable for usages in supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit shops… It provides customers the comfortability when shopping.

Flat bags on roll with core




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