Disposable plastic aprons & 5 Amazing Features

Haplast provides Custom disposable plastic aprons to protect clothes and people who usually deal with wet or messy conditions over the course of their shift work.

5 Amazing Features of Disposable plastic aprons

High Quality Material Apron

Our disposable aprons are made with a heavy duty polythene material that ensures durability, plus they’re 100% fully recyclable.

Premium Quality

These aprons are water, dust & dirt proof and resistant to oils, fats and grease.

PE apron is cool, light, breathable and comfortable.

Easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Easy to Use

These disposable plastic aprons are designed with convenience in mind. You can slip them over the neck and the back ties secure easily over your clothing.

Long ties on these disposable plastic aprons make them easy to adjust, so they’ll fit any member on your staff.


These disposable plastic aprons are designed to protect clothes & people against stains caused by splashes and dirt, and perfect for food production environments, laboratories, cleaning, hairdressers and other workplaces in which water or oil is handled.

These aprons can also be used to protect surgeons, test technicians, etc from being exposed to microbial contaminants, blood, body fluids, secretions and other fluids within hospital environments.

Highly Economical

Our disposable polyethylene aprons provide cost-effective protection. Wear once and throw away. However this water-resistant apron is sturdy enough to be reused. Our budget disposable aprons are made from 1 mil thick polyethylene material that keeps costs down while affording protection from water based liquids. These lightweight plastic workwear are your economical choice when it comes to safety aprons!

Disposable plastic aprons
Our disposable plastic aprons have waterproof qualities and low density polyethylene construction, making them lightweight and comfortable without restricting movement.
Disposable plastic aprons
These aprons feature a halter neck design with waist ties for a close fit. Wearing the apron can protect your clothes and trousers from getting dirty without affecting your normal working well.

Disposable plastic aprons

Disposable plastic aprons
The ideal guard for your body and clothes for whatever mess may occur, great for cooking, painting or any other messy activities

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