Compostable produce bags with 3 amazing benefits

What is Compostable Produce Bag?

Produce bags used for fruits, veggies and often meat products are one of the most common types of single-use plastic bags we use today.

Compostable produce rolls are made from 100% plant-based materials. These break down at the same rate as other food waste and can be disposed of in a standard composter.

Compostable bags are a great alternative to plastic bags and an easy change to make.

What can Compostable Produce Bags be used for?

These bags can be used to take to the supermarket for fresh fruit and vegetables as a replacement for the plastic bags which they provide.
They would also be perfect for farmers market stall holders and organic farm shop owners…

What are benefits of using Compostable Produce Bags instead of single-use plastic bags?

Compostable produce bags help reduce food waste

Produced by Haplast JSC – a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging products from Vietnam, these food packaging bags are made from 100% vegetable-based plastic, they are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable bags.

Therefore, these bags have a higher permeability to oxygen and water vapor than conventional, fossil-based plastics.

As a result, the bags made from 100% eco-friendly materials allow the produce inside to breathe which prolongs storage life, keeping fruits & vegetables fresh and durable for longer.

compostable produce bag
Compostable produce rolls are made from 100% vegetable starches which make them fully biodegradable and compostable, and allow you to offer the most eco-friendly option to your customers. They can be reused for separate collection of organic waste. These bags are certified for both commercial and HOME composting and will degrade within 180 days.

Compostable produce bags are practical shopping helpers

With their high tear strength and retention force, compostable fruit and vegetable bags made from Haplast JSC can be used multiple times for shopping.

Our Compostable Produce Bags are capable of carrying full loads of shopping. Depending on the size and thickness of the bag you want to be produced will determine how much weight they can hold, but standard-sized bags typically have no problems holding between 5-7lbs.

compostable produce bag
Eco-friendly produce bags normally come in 2 resin colours, first being a neutral light-beige that allows all your printing to stand out nicely and supports any brand. The second colour is a light green making it clear they are compostable. But the thinner the type of bag the more translucent they become. So if you would like your produce bags to be more opaque that is an option as well. There is a maximum of 4 colours that can be printed on the bags.

Compostable produce bags are safe for the environment and their use should be encouraged

For even at the end of their life, compostable bags are not waste, but can be used as compostable organic waste bags, as our bags can go right into the backyard compost heap. In this way, consumers can dispose of their kitchen and food waste easily and, above all, hygienically, while significantly increasing the amount of separately collected organic waste.

compostable produce bag
They are safe and don’t release toxins during their breakdown process. They are absorbed by the soil.

Now there is a product that you can offer your customers to use that won’t hurt the environment. And even better yet, when they forget to eat that lovely head of lettuce they purchased last week, they can just toss the whole thing, bag and all (as long as there is no other packaging on the lettuce) right into your compost bin. The bag will breakdown just like the lettuce and no one has to deal with the nasty mess in their fridges.

compostable produce bag

Furthermore, using compostable bags may create the positive effect for your brand. In recent years, more and more major corporations  are switching to bioplastic products due to its sustainable reputation. Choosing greener options can have a positive impact on your brand alongside helping the environment.

In addition to compostable produce bags, Haplast can produce a wide range of eco-friendly packaging products for all types of industrial applications. Haplast JSC is the first manufacturing company in Vietnam to be granted OK compost industrial and OK compost HOME certificate (TUV Austria) for compostable bags. OK compost HOME standard is one of the highest and strictest standards certifying that Haplast products will be decomposed completely in home environment when being disposed of by landfilling in the garden or normal environment without industrial conditions.


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