6 Amazing Types of Plastic Bread Bags

We have a great line of printed & unprinted plastic bread bags, making them an ideal choice for bakeries, restaurants that want to showcase their bread for sale, or just a baking fanatic who loves to cook at home.

1. Gusseted Clear Plastic Bread Bags with Twist Ties

These gusseted plastic bags meets FDA requirements for use in food applications. They are suitable for bread and other packaging applications. These side gusseted bags are the perfect way to package food items, especially bakery products, because the bag can be expanded to fit your product. They provide excellent protection for everyday use at a great price.


Plastic Bread Bags

2. Plastic Bread Bags For Tortilla Packaging

We offer clear printed poly bags for packaging corn or flour tortillas, 100% FDA approved. These bags are made from Food Grade Plastic, with nice graphics, resealable, easy to use, and provides convenience for consumers.

Perfect for restaurant deliveries.

plastic bread bags

3. Wicketed Plastic Bread Bags

Wicketed bags are stacked plastic bags that are held together on a wicket (thin metal bar). The wicket makes it quick and easy to dispense bags and package a variety of items.

If you are a business owner, then you will surely find that the increased speed offered by these bags is ideal to save time in packaging your products.

The wicketed plastic bread bags also ensure that your products remain fresh for a longer period as they are secured in a quicker manner.

Haplast offers all kind of wicketed poly bags, that are perfect for food as well as non-food items.

Plastic Bread Bags

4. Flip-Top Saddle Pack Deli Plastic Bread Bags

Our economical Sandwich Bags offer savings for any kitchen staff, whether it is a mom making her kid’s lunch or a restaurant keeping the food fresh. Great for fast food operations or for prepackaged deli cases. Reclosable Sandwich bag made of 100% virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) film that meets FDA/USDA specifications.

plastic bread bags

5. Zip-Top Saddle Pack Deli Plastic Bread Bags

These plastic deli saddle bags will keep sandwiches, burgers, doughnuts, sliced deli meats or cheeses fresh with its ziplock. These deli bags are made from LDPE, Safe for food contact, Easy to open and close for repeated use.

These deli plastic bread bags make loading fast and convenient and is preferred by most deli employees.

Your customers will return knowing that they are purchasing their sandwiches, burgers, doughnuts, etc from a deli that provides them with packaging that keeps everything fresh.

plastic bread bags

6. Blockhead Plastic Bread Bags

Blockhead bags (header plastic bags, blockheaded bags, plastic header bags, food blockhead bags or food bags) are special and useful bags which are agglutinated under pack of 100pcs or 200pcs (up to customer’s requirement) by heat hole.

It is easy for customers to take each bag out of pack for packaging.

Artworks printed on the bag are the great choices for advertising companies or shops.

plastic bread bags

plastic bread bags

From bakeries to home kitchens to food service industries, our plastic bread bags are perfect for storage and display because they allow your bread or other baked goods to look visibly delicious through high quality, excellent clarity polyethylene or polypropylene material. 
If you have any questions about our plastic bread bags, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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