5 Types of Trade Show Bags for Brand Promotion

Haplast offers you a wide range of trade show bags, that are printed with logos, addresses, and other brand information to attract customers.

Why should use Trade Show Bags to promote your business?

Trade shows are promotional events where leading brands, as well as small and mid-sized business organizations, compete with each other to promote their business and gain a competitive advantage. These businesses use competitive pricing strategies and promotional giveaways to promote their business and attract most customers to their booths.

Over the years, various promotional giveaways have gained popularity, and trade show bags are popular among them. These bags are printed with logos, addresses, and other brand information to attract customers.

Booth attendees would happily grab these bags to showcase their purchase. They may reuse these bags several times before discarding them. With each use, the brand information deeply percolates into their consciousness. Today, various types of trade show bags are used by businesses to promote their business.

Do you want to know what they are? If yes, then read the post below. This post introduces and discusses five popular types of trade show bags.

5 Types of Trade Show Bags for Your Brand Promotion

  • Take-Out Bags: Take-out bags are designed for delivering food and other items. These bags feature wide bodies with deep gussets and integrated handles. Soft-loop take-out bags, clip-loop take-out bags, rope-handled take-out bags, and so on are some popular types of take-out bags. These bags are also customizable.
  • T-Shirt Bags: T-shirt bags are one of the most popular types of plastic bags, which are used for infinite purposes. These bags are used at grocery and drug stores, vegetable and fruit stands, etc., as giveaways to their customers. T-shirt bags are lightweight and can hold various lightweight and heavyweight items effortlessly. Adding logos on these bags as per one’s business can double the value of these bags.
  • Merchandise Bags: These bags are one of the most popular types of trade show bags. Merchandise bags are made up of high-quality, durable plastic material. These bags are used for packaging and transporting various lightweight items such as clothing, food, groceries, and so on. Using merchandise bags with logos for business promotions is an ideal choice. This is because these bags do not tear up easily, and therefore customers can use them multiple times.
  • Non-Woven Bags: These are eco-friendly and lightweight trade show bags made up of non-woven polypropylene. These bags can be easily folded, stored, and used multiple times. Non-woven bags are mostly used for carrying groceries and are also known as grocery bags. Nowadays, these bags are also used for promoting various home décor items, clothes, and so on. These bags can be easily customized in any color, which allows these businesses to promote their brand and set positive brand impressions in the minds of users.
  • Handle Bags: As the name suggests, these trade show bags come with a sturdy handle and embossed opening, which makes them a popular choice for customers. Handle bags are easy to carry, and they can boost your business promotions effectively with standard customization. In addition, these bags can be used repetitively for multiple purposes.
If you operate a business that uses one of the above or other types of plastic bags, then you must source them from a leading and trusted manufacturer like Haplast –  a manufacturer that provides various types of custom-printed trade show bags, including t-shirt bags, take-out bags, non-woven bags, merchandise bags, handle bags, and so on. 
We use the best quality material for manufacturing these bags. We also offer completely customized bags in bulk for your brand promotions. If you want to place your order or have any doubts, then get in touch with the team at Haplast today.
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