5 Types of Plastic Bags in Healthcare Packaging

At Haplast, you can buy a number of plastic bags, that are used in healthcare packaging.

5 Types of Plastic Bags Currently Used in Healthcare Packaging:

Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging 1: Ziplock Bags – Reclosable Bags

They have a reclosable seal and are used to carry drugs or small medical tools and equipment. The printing is done as per the requirement. For instance, these bags may carry information such as “refrigerate”, lab specimen”, Narcotic Drug”, or anything relevant depending upon the use.

Healthcare Packaging
Specimen Transfer Bags: Specimen bags are essential in many laboratories, hospitals, and research facilities. Zip-locking seal liquid-tight closure against contamination or compromising the bag contents.  Zip-style bags have a separate document pouch in the back, which can be used to put the label.

Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging 2: Waste Bag

These are high-density or linear low-density liners with sealed bottoms. They protect the user or handler from the contents inside. They display the biohazard symbol and warnings in prevalent languages such as English and Spanish. They are used to carry and dispose of infectious waste.

Healthcare Packaging
Our biohazard bags feature the biohazard symbol and warnings in English and Spanish. Our infectious waste bags have a star-sealed bottom for added strength, creating an extra measure of infection control from contaminated contents.
Healthcare Packaging
Through strict manufacturing requirements, our biohazard bags are designed to meet the demands of the healthcare market, ensure proper handling of contaminated items.

Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging 3: Adhesive Closure Bags

This is a non-printed bag with a two-wall construction. They are used to enclose adhesives and have a tamper-evident perforation for easy access.

Healthcare Packaging
Tamper-Evident Specimen Transfer Bags feature a strong adhesive closure for tamper-evident security and perforations for easy access. This Adhesive Closure Bag is a clear two-wall style with no print.

Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging 4: Transfer Bags

These bags have a tamper-evident seal closure. They come with an integrated perforation for easy tearing. Extremely strong adhesives are used for this seal closure. They are used to safely transfer or transport the required drugs from the pharmacy to the site where they are needed. They are labeled accordingly.

Healthcare Packaging

Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging 5: Dressing Disposal Bags

This is a red-colored non-printed bag made of high-density plastic. They are used to discard wound dressings.

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