5 amazing tips to reuse plastic bags

Here are some brilliant ways to reuse plastic bags, so you dont have to throw them away and worry about negative impacts on the environment:

reuse plastic bags


Tips to Reuse Plastic Bags:

1. Using plastic bags to package valuables

You can Reuse Plastic Bags by using plastic bags to protect fragile items when you move. By wrapping your breakables in plastic bags, you’ll avoid using packing products like styrofoam peanuts that just create more waste. After moving day, take the plastic bags from boxes and set them aside until you need them again.

Reuse Plastic Bags


2. Using plastic bags to save paint brushes & rollers for later

If you need to take a break in the middle of a painting project, you don’t necessarily need to rinse your brushes and rollers first. Before you dash, wrap your brushes and rollers in a clean plastic grocery bag and put them in the refrigerator to keep them from drying out. When wrapped properly, a plastic bag can keep wet brushes and rollers paint-ready for several hours, giving you plenty of time to return to the project when you’re ready.

reuse plastic bags

3. Using plastic bags to protect your plants

Expecting a cold front? Protect tender plants from overnight frost by gently tying a plastic bag around them. The plastic buffer will keep the harsh wind and chill at bay by trapping warm air inside to insulate roots and branches.

Reuse plastic bags
You can reuse plastic bags to cover plants because they provide protection from pests, disease, excessive moisture, and even frost. When a plant is covered it should still be provided with adequate water, light, and fertilizer for it to continue growing healthy.

4. Using plastic bags to line your trash cans

One of smart ways to reuse plastic bags is using them for trash in your kitchen. Plastic grocery bags are the perfect size to line small trash cans in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Keep a stash of old grocery bags in an empty tissue box in your pantry or under the sink. You can easily grab one anytime you need a new garbage bag.

reuse plastic bags for trash

5. Using plastic bags to clean up after your pet

You can buy doggie poop bags at the pet store, but why would you when you have a steady supply coming home from the grocery store? Tuck your plastic bags into an old fanny pack and bring it with you on walks. You’ll have a pet waste bag at your fingertips whenever you need it.

reuse plastic bags

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