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What is pallet wrap?

Pallet wrap is one of the most commonly, used product to maintain pallet load stability. The use of stretch wrap is vital so that businesses can ensure loads are adequality secure whilst being moved on public roads and around businesses, this includes when being moved in and out of storage in the warehouse to minimise the likelihood of whole loads or objects coming loose and falling.
Pallet Wrap

Features of Haplast pallet wrap

You are assured that the contents of any pallet being transported is kept snuggly secure by wrapping it with Haplast pallet wrap. 

Our heady duty durable pallet wrap is super resistant to punctures, tears, and other damage. Provides secure tight binding and is suitable for strapping loads with sharp edges and difficult transportation conditions. It is self-adhering, able to elongate, and waterproof.

Pallet Wrap
This strong and durable stretch film keeps wrapped products from puncturing or tearing on sharp corners. Stretch plastic wrap roll works great for wrapping, shipping, packing, and storing.

Our stretch wrap is an ideal solution for packing pallet to hold goods during shipment, household and office items when moving, etc.
Wrapping plastic protects all your goods from adverse weather such as rain, snow, and dirt, etc.



Pallet Wrap
This shrink wrap with a handle clings to itself superlatively providing a sealed cover that works as protection from dirt, dust, and moisture.

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

pallet wrap
You can choose the color of the film. Our clear stretch wrap has superior film clarity allowing for easy barcode reading and load identification. Sufficient transparency remains even after wrapping in several layers. Gives superior force and cling for securing all types of items.

Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and offer the best packaging solution that meet all your needs. So, feel free to contact us at any time.

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