Plastic Sheeting in Construction Industry

The construction industry uses plastic sheeting on job sites across the nation. You can find it protecting construction supplies and providing temporary support of structures.

Plastic sheeting is great for the construction industry because the polyethylene material is made to stand up to pressures and natural elements.

Sheeting for construction is also referred to as C&A Film, or construction and agriculture film.

These films are friendly to the environment and have excellent durability, even in hold and cold temperatures.

We see this film being used in this industry for the protecting of lumber, skids of materials, construction supplies and materials, and more.

Clear sheeting is also used for masonry, construction, and landscaping.

Plastic Sheeting for Construction wrap

Residential and commercial construction wrap holds one of the highest levels of weather and water resistance of sheeting.
This sheeting has UV inhibitors that help block sunlight during construction.
The continuous protection against air infiltration offers the added benefit of energy cost savings.
Plastic Sheeting for Construction wrap

Benefits of using plastic sheet in construction industry

Plastic film helps on construction sites to keep away moisture, gases, and other factors on construction sites.

Benefits of using plastic sheeting in the construction industry:

Plastic sheeting is commonly used in the construction industry because of its many benefits.
These benefits include:
  • Durable, multi-purpose plastic material
  • Wrinkle and weather resistant
  • Able to be reused multiple times
  • Excellent durablitiy in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Other uses for plastic sheeting:

  • Packaging/shipping
  • Construction enclosures
  • Erosion control
  • Moisture/gas control
  • Insulation membranes

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