Blockhead Bags & 4 Advantages of Using

What are Blockhead bags?

Blockhead bags (so called header plastic bags, blockheaded bags, plastic header bags, food blockhead bags or food bags) are special and useful bags which are agglutinated under pack of 100pcs or 200pcs (up to customer’s requirement) by heat hole. It is easy for customers to take each bag out of pack for packaging.
Artworks printed on the bag are the great choices for advertising companies or shops.
blockhead bags
A stack of bags attached together with a block of plastic at the top of the stack is called Blockhead Bags

Features of Blockhead Bags

Products: Blockhead Plastic Bag
Handle: Vest carrier bag, no handle
Specifications: As customers’ requirement
Size and Thickness: Customized
Bag color: Any color as customized
Printing: Upto 11 colors, complicated images
Blockhead Bags

Advantages of Using Blockhead Bags

1. Easy to use: The block of plastic usually has holes for hanging the bags behind the counter. The bags are connected to the block with perforation making it easy to dispense from the block.

2. Convenient when using in supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries…: Most supermarkets have to serve thousands of customer everyday. This makes vital for them to be able to provide quick and efficient service in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Packing the food into bag behind the deli and checkout counters are often very time consuming. One of the quickest way to do this is to use Blockhead bags.

3. Multi-purpose packaging:

To make loading your items quick and easy, our poly header bags are packaged on a convenient header with perforations for easy tear off. (Most wicketed bags are not perforated).

These bags are designed to be used with stands or similar equipment. These bags can be used in most any application for any industry.

For example, industrial, healthcare, business, and food service applications would all be appropriate users of these header bags.

blockhead bags
Blockhead Bags with logo printing is an effective marketing tool

4. Effective marketing tool:

Blockhead bags are a cheap marketing tool that can be ordered in bulk to meet the demands of your product. These plastic bags easy to store and can have different dimensions, sizes and a variety of shapes.

You can choose the look and colors to match your company’s logo and emulate your brand style.

This suggest that these aren’t simply plastic bags that get your product from your store to your customer’s homes. They are your way of ensuring that people aren’t just carrying your bag, but rather your logo.

When customers carry these custom plastic bags home, they are marketing your product for you on the streets by simply carrying your brand. This is a simple way of increasing your logo presence in the streets, much like a billboard or ad would do for a fraction of the price.

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