Recycled Plastic Trash Bags & 5 Outstanding Benefits

Using recycled plastic trash bags is considered as the most effective solution at the moment to save the environment. Here are 3 amazing benefits you should know.

What are recycled plastic trash bags?

It is some kind of trash bag made from recycled plastic – a type of plastic synthesized from used plastic waste. The collected recycled plastic is crushed, cleaned, dried, and melted. Then the plastic mixture is passed through the extruder and is converted to a vermicelli fiber or granular form. They are then used to manufacture bags like recycled plastic trash bags, recycled shopping bags but can be recyclable after being used.
recycled plastic trash bags
Our drawstring Recycled Plastic Trash Bags are durable and MADE OF 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC. No new plastic is used in any part of the bag.
recycled plastic trash bags

5 Amazing benefits that recycled plastic trash bags bring to people and the environment

Using recycled plastic trash bags helps to save energy

You should know that: The process of making plastic bags will consume a considerable amount of energy, while recycling 1 ton of plastic bags saves the electric energy equivalent to 5,774 kilowatts/hour.
Recycling plastic bags also need energy because they need to be shredded, cleaned, melted, and recycled. However, the energy needed to make recycled plastic bags is also less than the energy needed to make plastic bags from virgin resin.
Besides, the production of recycled plastic bags is also quite easy and not too complicated, which can be widely applied.

Using recycled plastic trash bags helps reduce oil consumption

The plastics needed to make plastic trash bags as well as other kinds of poly bags are made from natural gas or crude oil derivatives. This means that the more plastic bags produced, the more non-recyclable fossil materials will be consumed.
Recycling plastic bags can significantly reduce oil consumption. According to one study, recycling 1 ton of plastic bags can save the amount of 16.3  crude oil barrels.

Using recycled plastic trash bags helps reduce waste

Since plastic trash bags are not biodegradable, they exist in landfills and oceans.
However, recycling used plastic bags creates a cycle of using plastic, significantly reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. This helps to reduce soil and water pollution as landfills play an important role in the destruction of our environment.

Using recycled plastic trash bags encourages sustainable use

Using recycled plastic bags also helps to encourage users to use environmentally-friendly products. And forming a habit of using sustainably, minimizing harmful effects on the environment.
People now have more eco-friendly choices rather than single-use plastic bags. For example, bags made from rapidly degradable natural materials.

Using recycled plastic bags to help businesses promote their brands

According to surveys, about 60% of consumers around the world are willing to spend more money on sustainable goods, environmental protection, including recycled plastic bags.
When businesses use recycled plastic bags, they are not only environmentally friendly but also create brand affections with consumers. If promoting well your marketing strategy, your brand will quickly receive the hearts of many people.
In addition, the bag can be printed in a full range of colors to help businesses promote products, convey the message of the brand to consumers clearly, and eye-catching.
recycled plastic trash bag

Where to buy recycled plastic trash bags?

As a pioneer in the production of eco-friendly packaging products to help protect the environment, Haplast is proud to be a brand that brings all kinds of high-quality recycled packaging bags, with beautiful design, and the best competitive price in the market.

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