PP Woven Sacks – 3 amazing things you do not know

PP woven sacks is the best choice for bulk packaging.

Why Choose PP Woven Sacks for Bulk Packaging?

Packaging fulfils the diverse role from protecting products, preventing spoilage, contamination, extending shelf life, ensuring safe storage thereby helping to make them readily available to consumers. PP Woven sacks are worldwide material of choice for bulk packaging of edible commodities for domestic use and exports.

PP Woven Sacks

  1. PP woven sacks have advantages than Jute or Paper.

PP woven sacks / FIBC, Jute, Paper bags/ box are most widely used packaging systems for Bulk Commodities. Cement, fertilizer and most of the chemicals are already packed woven sacks while Foodgrains and sugar use both woven sacks and jute bags.
Plastics are the material of choice because of inherent advantages of functional performance and cost benefits. Relative merits with respect to functional requirement for bulk packaging using these three prime packaging materials are summarized below.

  1. Printing effect of PP woven sacks has improved.

The function of packaging is to protect it and keep it in ideal form for sales. The appearance of a product is very important regarding its marketing efforts. Packaging has the potential to break or make the success of a product. Protection, attraction, promotion, and differentiation are all categories that packaging helps enhance a product.
Attraction from printing effect is very important for packaging because it is what catches the consumers eye. What colors, designs, and material used is well thought out by marketers. Product packaging has the ability to catch a consumers eye and based simply on what they see of the packaging make a decision to choose your product over one they normally buy.

Promotion on a product packaging influences consumer decisions as well. Packaging is what differentiates your product from the rest. It has the ability to sell your product, thus resulting in great marketing efforts.
BOPP printed PP woven sacks make the appearance vivid as a photo.

PP Woven SacksCase study: PP woven sacks vs. Paper bags in pet food packaging

A majority of pet owners have experienced the convenience of buying pet food in bulk: it means fewer trips to the store and in most cases a significant cost savings. But for many people, these benefits are quickly forgotten when they go to lift a bag of pet food, only to have the bag rip and spill all over the floor, while still at the retail location, or even later when they have already purchased the item and transported it home.

Consumers and retailers alike. Consumers can be frustrated by overly-heavy bags that rip and tear too easily, and retailers and suppliers are oftentimes forced to absorb the extra costs that come with replacing defective product, and cleaning up after the inevitable spill.
Packaging manufacturers are all too familiar with these frustrations, and have developed a product specifically designed to overcome some of the annoying drawbacks of large, multi-wall paper sacks.

Woven polypropylene bags consist of thousands of strands of plastic woven together to form a fabric-like sheet that is very strong and extremely durable, and capable of carrying well over fifty pounds without any problems. They are also extremely stable, and rarely will they rip or burst when dropped.
In recent years, woven polypropylene bags have been extensively adopted by the agricultural and manufacturing industries, most commonly used to hold animal feed, sand, produce, grain, minerals, chemicals, fertilizers, cement, coffee, sugar, flour, rice, and much more.

The bags can be custom printed with a logo and text on one or two sides and come in a variety of sizes. They can also be readily customized with gussets, anti-slip coatings, laminations, and treated to be UV-resistant.

Many manufacturers of pet products have been particularly pleased with smaller bags, as their weight can be kept at a reasonable amount so that women, the largest buyers of pet food, can handle them more readily.

PP Woven Sacks
While paper bags have been the traditional packaging used in selling pet food, manufacturers of these types of products have grown weary of absorbing the costs that come with the need to replace bags on retailers floors.

In addition, woven polypropylene bags are made from plastic, so they are inherently water-resistant. They will not smudge, sag, or get soggy, so they will still be stable even after inclement weather.

This is good news for retailers, many of whom have been looking to put pet food outside the store to make room for more profitable items within. Packaging that is weather-resistant increases retailers merchandising options, and decreases the risk of damaged product.

Conclusion: PP Woven Sacks are ideal for bulk packaging

Bulk Packaging has to be strong, durable, light in weight, provide adequate protection with increased storage/ shelf life, easily handled, cost effective, reusable, recyclable and impact on environment should be minimum on holistic approach considering life cycle analysis of the packaging material.
Considering all above we can summarise PP woven sacks, FIBC and leno bags are ideal for Bulk Packaging.

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