Poly bags for clothes with 5 amazing benefits

Haplast – Reliable manufacturer of Poly bags for clothes from Vietnam

Looking for packaging that will make your products sparkle?

Our range of crystal clear display bags manufactured from high clarity polypropylene film is ideal for retailers wanting to really show off your products!

Poly bags for clothes

5 amazing benefits of Haplast poly bags for clothes

1.Our clear poly bags with suffocation warning fit all of your packaging needs.

Poly bags for clothes
The poly bags are transparent and self-sealing with warning written in multi languages

2. The suffocation warning is printed on the side without the 1.5″ flap.
3. The bags are crystal clear and allow for scanning barcodes that are inside.

Poly bags for clothes
4. The bags are made from high-quality material that will not tear easily even if you mistakenly put an item with sharp corners in the bag.
5. You can choose between resealable or permanent (extra strong) glue. The resealable poly bags allow for reopening and reusing, while the permanent seal is the ultimate in protection and can’t be opened without ripping or cutting the bag.

Poly bags for clothes Poly bags for clothes

If you are interested in this product, please contact us today! Our experts will help you to choose the best packaging solution for your products.

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