Plastic Bags – 5 Steps In The Process of Production

Plastic Bags are made from polyethylene such as HDPE, LDPE, MDPE… Additives can be added to make compostable bags, biodegradable bags as per customers’ specific request.

plastic bags on roll
Plastic bags on roll

5 Steps In The Process of Plastic Bags Production

Step 1: Prepare PE pellets

Plastic bags are made from PE pellets
PE plastic pellets are usually natural white, when preparing the production process depending on customer’s requirements for color, we will add color beads to create different colors such as: green, blue, red, yellow…

plastic bags
PE pellets used in the process of producing plastic bags

Step 2: Plastic blowing & creating film rolls

Raw plastic pellets of different densities (such as, HDPE, LDPE, or LLDPE) are again super heated and pressurized to form a molten liquid, which air is then pumped into from below.
This process turns the molten plastic into a balloon-like plastic film that passes through a tall vertical corridor.
As this plastic bubble expands upwards it cools, coming into contact with many rollers that stretch and contort the plastic into thin film sheets.
plastic bags
The blended resin is fed into extruders where the material is heated to a specific temperature and mixed. The material in the heated barrel then reaches a molten plastic state and can literally be blown overhead from the extruder into a bubble formation.

Several hundred meters of these sheets then roll onto two separate cylinders, which when completed can weigh up to 160kg each.

These condensed rolls of plastic are then moved off to the printing department.

Step 3: Printing

Film rolls are passed through the printer unit. Depending on the approved design, the number of printed colors and the number of printed bags … that the T-shirt plastic bag printing process will be handled by screen printing, gravure printing or flexo printing.

Step 4: Cutting from film rolls

Plastic film rolls are further transferred to Hemington cutter, then be cut to desired sizes, depending on the commercial intent for the bag. Plastic bag cutting machines work by using heat to create the bottom of the bag and cut the top of the bag with a stick knife.

Step 5: Complete the finished product

The final step to complete a plastic T-shirt bag include ticking and handle stamping

Please watch details of process of plastic bags productions in our factory in the video below:

We are dedicated to manufacturing and exporting plastic bags and compostable products for more than 15 years, with 2 modern factories which located in Vietnam. So, we have capability to produce up to 100,000 tons each month. If you have any need, dont hesitate to contact us right now!!!

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