Mailing Poly Bags & 3 Impressive Advantages

We manufacture and supply a huge range of polythene mailing poly bags /postal bags. All of our mailing bags are manufactured from the best quality material and come in a range of colours, sizes and thicknesses, with excellent tear and puncture resistance. 

Feature of Mailing Poly Bags made by Haplast

-Our Custom poly mailers are a popular e-commerce shipping choice. Ideal for shipping t-shirts, apparel, and soft goods.

-Lightweight and easy to ship, our poly shipping bags are tear proof, self-sealing, and weather resistant.

-Suitable for clothing and non-fragile items.

Mailing Poly Bags

-These sturdy plastic mailing bags protect contents from rain and dirt better than corrugated boxes or paper envelopes.

– Waterproof poly bags help reduce product damage and refunds by protecting items from rain, dust, stains and more. This makes polymail bags ideal for shirts, towels, bedding, paper and wood products.

-Self-sealing poly bags for shipping reduce labor with a 2-step process. Slip your product into the bag and seal it. Bags accept adhesive labels or permanent marker addressing.

Mailing Poly Bags
Weather-proof, water/dust resistant and not easily torn, poly mailers are able to withstand a wide range of conditions without compromising the contents inside.

-These large poly mailers deter prying eyes from seeing sensitive contents and preserve the surprise when giftables reach your client.

Mailing Poly Bags

3 impressive advantages of using mailing poly bags

Mailing poly bags are easy for storage

Cardboard boxes, even if they’re collapsed, take up more space than poly mailer bags. Cardboard can create a lot of clutter in the packaging process, turning your fulfillment area into a bit of a hazard zone.
Poly mailers, on the other hand, are simple to lay out and pack products into and they don’t require the abundance of assembly that comes with corrugated cardboard boxes.

Mailing poly bags provide good protection of merchandise

Mailing poly bags are designed to be quite sturdy.
Made of water proof material, poly mailers provide protection that no corrugated box or paper envelope can provide.
Also, being tear and puncture resistant protects your products from dust and dirt, and the “slick” inside of the poly mailer guards against wrinkles or creasing.
This means that they will ensure your products are fully protected and will arrive in the precise condition in which they are expected.
As a result, your company is able to save money as there is no need to replace damaged products assuring a satisfied customer.

Poly Mailers help new customers get familiar with your brand and improve brand awareness. 

Our mailing poly bags are customized according to customer’s requirements.
So, It can support custom branding for your company’s logo and colors, and can easily be designed to display whatever image or statement your company chooses. 
mailing poly bags
Packaging is a huge brand awareness opportunity and should also match the brand personality of the company selling the product.
Packaging that includes brand elements, such as logos, brand colors and brand fonts, can also help customers identify the company that makes a product.

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