Laundry Draw Tape Bags & 3 Amazing Advantages

Laundry Draw Tape Bags are tough & strong, ideal for hotel, hospital services, etc. There’re many sizes & compositions that can accommodate any of your needs! Laundry Draw Tape Bags have plastic draw tape to pull the bag closed. This Draw Tape Bag construction is very durable and reliable. The Draw Tape top allows for a secure closure at the top of the bag while providing a convenient and comfortable handle.

laundry draw tape bags

Features of our Laundry Draw Tape Bags

Type: draw tape handle plastic bags
Material: HDPE/ LDPE/ MDPE, virgin or recycled, biodegradable and compostable materials
Size: Any size customize 
Specifications: As customers’ requirement 
Bag color: Any color as choice
Printing: Upto 8 colors design available

laundry draw tape bags

3 Amazing Advantages of Laundry Draw Tape Bags

Laundry bags are widely used for sorting clothes, linen and other washable items. These bags are quite sturdy to hold heavy weights. You can toss your laundry items in the bag whenever you take them off. You can organize your laundry in separate bags for easy washing.

Hospitality Plastic Laundry Drawtape Bags will make your hotel or resort guests happy with its convenience. This courtesy hotel laundry bag has write-on indicator strips to record your guest’s name and room number. So, it is perfect for hotel and hospital services. 

These laundry bags make sure your customers won’t have one opportuinity to leave things in disarray, and make the room a mess. Therefore, the individuals – who have to clean up the room – won’t feel pressured.


laundry draw tape bags
Each laundry bag features a line for guests’ name and room number so their laundry can be safely delivered to them once it is clean. Durable and convenient for your staff, these laundry bags will be a welcomed addition.


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