Garbage Bags on Roll – 7 Types Made By HAPLAST

All kind of high-quality garbage bags on roll with good price: C-fold bags, Star-sealed bags, S-cut bags, Drawstring bags, Recycled bags, Swing bin liners, Pedal bin liners…

garbage bags on roll

No.1: C-Fold Garbage Bags on Roll

C-fold bag on roll is one of the most popular plastic bags in USA, UK, Canada, etc. This garbage bag type is very economical, durable and comfortable. Every bag is folded and rolled for space-saving. Normally, we design these rolls without core and perforated for easy tear-off in using. However, we can make them with paper core or plastic core as per customer’s requirement.

garbage bags on roll

No.2: Star-Sealed Garbage Bags on Roll

A star seal is the most commonly found seal today. Created without gussets and sealed in a single spot. The bottom of the bag is sealed like a star, you can easily notice when blow the bag with air. The unique design of Star-sealed garbage bags on roll allows it to fit in any size trash can with ease. They are leak-proof, therefore can hold very heavy or liquid trash.

garbage bags on roll

No.3: S-Cut Garbage Bags on Roll

It comprises of large plastic bags with S-shape perforation, folded into smaller sizes and piles. The S-shape curves function as handles for tying up closure. It is very convenient for collecting garbage and widely used in home, warehouse, supermarket, school, hotel, restaurant, grocery, etc. We can manufacture different S perforation garbage bags for you with different materials, such as recycled materials, biodegradable materials, pure PE materials. So our S perforation garbage bags can be disposable, recyclable or biodegradable based on your requirement.

garbage bags on roll

No.4: Drawstring Garbage Bags on Roll

Drawstring garbage bags on roll is the most common form of trash bags these days. This garbage bag is designed with drawstring handles to lift, tie, carry and transport easily. Besides, Haplast also produce drawstring trash bag to prevent pollution with unique design to handle the heaviest of loads with extra-durable plastic. By this way, consumer can hold heavier garbage and not leak liquid as per their demand.
Almost drawstring garbage bags on roll is made from plastic resin such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE, etc. for other applications. However, some customers want to make this type of bags from recycle material to have cheap price. Currently, others want compostable drawstring trash bags to protect environment.

garbage bags on roll

Garbage Bags on Roll No.5: Swing Bin Liners

The bags are designed to fit swing bins and larger indoor bins, but remember the dimensions of all bins do vary, so be sure to check the measurements against your actual bin and also allow enough length to fold over the top rim and spread across the base of the bin.


garbage bags on roll
We specialize in producing bags as per customers requirements. Thus, we can make all types of garbage bags very well in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Garbage Bags on Roll No.6: Pedal Bin Liners

This pedal bin liner is a reliable and sturdy refuse sack, that is ideal for use in the home or at the office. These pedal bin liners are constructed from a lightweight plastic – suitable for light waste disposal. For convenience, the bags are normally packaged in sets, which makes them ideal for storing until required or distributing around larger workplaces. From office paperwork through to unsoiled nursery rubbish, these bags are the perfect option for your business.
  • Suitable for lightweight waste disposal
  • Bin Liner Dimensions & thickness: according to customer’s requirement
  • Designed for use with pedal bins
  • Large and economical pack sizes

garbage bags on roll

Garbage Bags on Roll No.7: Recycled PE Trash Bags

Material: Recycled trash bags are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic so that you can avoid creating even more trash when throwing out your trash!
Colors: Black, White, Blue
Size: 8cm-180cm
Thickness: 6-150 mic
Design: These bags can be produced as “star seal”, “C-fold” or “drawtape” folding bags, with or without paper/ plastic core.
MULTI USE – Perfect size for large commercial garbage cans, and also can be used in kitchens and offices to hold light- weight trash and clean items, such as tissues, office and restroom waste, shredded paper and non rough-edged items. 

garbage bags on roll

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