Flower Sleeves & 3 Amazing Benefits

Haplast offers a range of triangle/cone shaped plastic flower  sleeves, that give you a professional look and set you apart from competitors in the marketplace.

Why choose Flower Sleeves made by Haplast JSC?

Because we can offer you a wide range of flower bouquet sleeves, includes opened bottom and closed bottom sleeves in a variety of stylish prints, colors, and sizes.
flower sleeves
Our flower sleeves are made from cost-effective polyethylene or polypropylene material for excellent clarity. Wicketed together in batches for easy shop counter storage and use.
flower sleeves
Crystal clear flower bouquet sleeves designed to protect and enhance the presentation of any bouquet of flowers. The superior clarity will make your product more appealing and, as such, increase your sales.
flower sleeves
Vintage triangle design,makes your flowers looked more attractive.
The bouquet sleeves are widely applied on many important occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding, party, birthday, graduation, holiday, etc.; Friends and family members will appreciate receiving a well wrapped bouquet; They also suitable for shopping malls, flower shops and so on.

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