Disposable PE Gloves & 3 Amazing Features

Disposable PE Gloves 500 pcs for food processing, meat handling… An ideal disposable gloves for food preparation and small parts handling.

1.HAPLAST’s Disposable PE Gloves Common Features

Disposable pe gloves are designed for light duty tasks and work environments that require changing gloves often.

They are commonly used for food preparation and handling because they are economical, waterproof and protect from hygiene purpose while their loose fit makes them easy to change when a fresh pair is required.

The surface of the glove is embossed for an improved grip when the gloves are either wet or dry.

Our disposable pe gloves are also latex free, so that anyone with a latex allergy can work safely. Our poly gloves are usually in either 100 or 500 count packaging, making it convenient to store at the work station or packs as per customer’s request.

Disposable PE Gloves

disposable pe gloves

2.How to make poly gloves?

Polyethylene is also one of the most common and cheaper plastics. Often identified with the initials PE, it is a plastic with excellent chemical stability and therefore often used as an insulator and produced for films which are in contact with food (plastic bags and foils). In the case of disposable gloves production is made by cutting and heat-sealing the film.

3. What we can offer about disposable pe gloves ?

We always guarantee the quality of disposable pe gloves at reasonable price:
-keeping clean, economical, convenient, etc.
-Available in low and high-density polyethylene.
-Various thicknesses, textured or smooth surfaces.
-Waterproof, preventing aches, alkaline, oil, and bacilli.
-Light, better feeling, cheaper price.
-They are really ideal, economical protection products.
-Available standard length and extra length.
-Customer’s LOGO can be printed on the packing bag….
Disposable PE Gloves
disposable pe gloves

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