Compostable Trash Bags & 3 Amazing Benefits

We are specialised in manufacturing all types of garbage bags from recycled, recyclable material to biodegradable and compostable trash bags that are designed to reduce plastic waste and help the environment.

What do we know about compostable trash bags?

Compostable bags are usually made from plants like corn or potatoes instead of petroleum. 
If a bag is compostable, it means that it will break down in a very specific set of controlled conditions within a certain amount of time, without leaving any toxic residue in the environment.
compostable trash bags

How do Compostable Trash Bags Help The Environment?

In addition to the fact that compostable bags can keep landfills free of any type of plastic or waste, they go one step further by giving back to the soil the nutrients it needs through composting.

It’s very rewarding to know that not only are you helping the environment by removing pollution, but you are also giving back that “something” that keeps it alive, and thriving.

You can dispose of compostable bags, in an industrial composting facility or home composter. Compostable plastics are manufactured to break down rapidly in these environments but are much quicker in a controlled environment such as an industrial composting facility. A home composter or worm farm is not ideal for large amounts of material and is less controlled, meaning it can take longer to break down.
Compostable Trash Bags
Compostable plastics also don’t leave behind or emit toxic chemicals when disposed of correctly.

Where to buy compostable trash bags?

For nearly 20 years, Haplast has been a leader in manufacturing eco-friendly packaging and waste bags. 
We can produce a wide range of packaging bags, waste bags, shopping bags, etc, that will accurately customized according to your specific requirements.
Haplast is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, TUV AUSTRIA (OK COMPOST HOME, AND OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL), JIS (Japanese industrial standard), FDA standard of USA, and BRC standard of Europe…
compostable trash bags
Our Compostable trash bag is made of corn plant starch material . It is biodegradable and compostable, which can reduce the negative impacts on the Environment.
compostable trash bags
The bag is designed with star sealed reinforced bottom to securely hold even the heaviest load. They are guaranteed to remain strong, durable and tear-resistant when used in accordance with the recommended usage directions. Easy to tear off and easy to open. Our trash bags are not only suitable for indoor use: office, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen but also for outdoor use: cat litter, dog waste and car trash etc.


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