Clear Stand Up Pouches With 5 Amazing features

Clear Stand Up Pouches – the best way to present your products right there on the shelf

Haplast offers food grade stand up pouches are designed for packaging and displaying various food and spices, etc.

Clear Stand Up Pouches

5 Amazing features of Clear Stand Up Pouches

1. Thick moisture-proof inner can protect the food from moisture and odor, fit for long-time food preservation.
2. Zipper closures & tear notches are available on each of these stand up pouches making them easy to open, and giving them a resealable feature.

Clear Stand Up Pouches

Clear Stand Up Pouches
3. These zipper pouch bags featuring a clear front and back, allows your customers take a peek at your goodies.
4. Its sealed sides and bottom gusset provide maximum strength, allowing the bag to perform as a true stand-up pouch that’s perfect for bulk shelf storage.

Clear Stand Up Pouches
5. Our clear stand up pouches and pouches with windows will allow your customers to peek inside the packaging, to see its contents and to be charmed and attracted by what they see.

This is particularly important if you are packaging foodstuffs, such as cookies, pastries, sweets or cereal, but also aromatic items, such as spices, tea, coffee or herbal infusions.


Clear Stand Up Pouches

These clear stand up pouches deal for all kind of food such as: nuts, dried fruit, candy, cookies, tea, dried foods, snacks, beans, seasonings, grain, jerky, confections, toffee, chocolate, herbs, also for drinks and more.

If you are interested in our Food Packaging Bags, please contact us at any time. We are very happy to help you to find the most suitable packaging solution for your business.

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