C-fold bags on roll is one of the most popular plastic bags in USA, UK, Canada, etc. This bag type is very economical, durable and comfortable. Every bag is folded and rolled for space-saving. Thus, they are very convenient to store and carry food or used as garbage bags. Therefore, we can use these types of bags in supermarket, grocery, restaurant, malls, etc.

C-fold garbage bags on roll

C-fold bags on roll made by Haplast jsc

At Haplast, we use 100% virgin material to produce these bags. So, our c-fold bags on roll reach high quality and safe for food contact. As a result, our products meet EU, USA, Japan strict standards. Customers can use these c-fold roll bags in storing food, cereals, fresh vegetables since they could prevent mold, termites, worms and so on.

Material: HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE

Size: customized

Thickness: customized

Printing: customized

Printing: up to 8 colors

Packaging: outer bag, inner box, carton, pallet as per customer requirements
Normally, we design these rolls without core and perforated for easy tear-off in using. However, we can make them with paper core or plastic core as per customer’s requirement.


HAPLAST JSC receives orders for C-fold bags on roll as per customer’s requirement. For more information of these bags on roll or other plastic packaging, please kindly contact with us immediately via:
Contact us at:
Phone/whasapp: (+84) 32 916 1638, (+84) 966 34 66 68
Email: info@haplast.vn


C-fold garbage bags on roll

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