Bagasse containers with its amazing benefits

Bagasse containers is one of the most convenient and safe disposable food containers available today, which made from sugarcane bagasse – the future green material.
The product is well received by many consumers because of its superior advantages compared to foam containers and plastic containers.

What is bagasse containers?

Bagasse containers is a biological product produced from 100% sugarcane bagasse.
Post processed sugarcane we have the material used to make food containers, bowls, cups…
This is a solution that saves and limits the problem of waste in to the environment.
bagasse containers
Nowadays, bagasse containers are used to store processed foods such as rice, meat, salad, noodles, fries…. at any temperature.
bagasse containers
The products designs are not only beautiful, meticulous but also smell better than many other materials and brings delicious look when enjoying the food.
bagasse containers
Produced with natural materials, the bagasse products solve the safety and hygiene issues.
The product does not contain any additives or harmful substances. In addition, it helps to significantly reduce the amount of waste in to the environment, contributes in calling everyone to join hands to protect the environment and the plants in nature for our green earth.

100% Eco-friendly, Bagasse containers are great alternatives to plastic containers.

In addition to disposable tools made of paper and wood, products made from bagasse are a great choice for you.
It replaces Styrofoam, non-renewable and non-biodegradable plastic packaging. Unlike them, bagasse containers can easily decompose quickly in the soil without leaving any effect.
Bagasse containers
With natural materials, the product completely disappears in the environment from 30 to 60 days, ensuring higher ecofriendly solution than similar product lines.

Bagasse containers have various designs & natural colors

Compared with other disposable product lines, bagasse product is more specially designed, has a natural, elegant ivory color.
Containers are manufactured with diverse sizes, different designs. And yet, food packaging is also resistant to oil and water. You will feel completely comfortable using this product.
Bagasse containers
The containers is manufactured by a closed process, using raw materials, so the fibers stick together. Making the product durable and sturdy, you can use high-quality products without any problems.


Bagasse product has very good quality. Whether you put the product in the microwave at high temperature or leave the product in water all day, it will not get soft.


Manufactured bagasse containers can hold both hot and cold food.
Besides that, the product can also be put directly into the microwave without any effect or release of harmful substances, extremely convenient for users.
bagasse containers
With natural ingredients, the containers will definitely not produce toxins when you put food in, so it’s safe for everyone’s health. Bagasse container is a great choice for your health as well as those around you.

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