Bag On Roll Coreless Made in Vietnam

Bag On Roll Coreless is a kind of popular Plastic Bags on roll. These bags are produced on a roll without paper or plastic core and with perforated line easy for tearing. Bag On Roll Coreless has multi-purpose application. Bag On Roll Coreless is usually used in supermarkets, traditional markets… to wrap fresh food such as meat, fish, vegetable, fruit, etc. Bag On Roll Coreless also can be used as garbage bags in offices, families, restaurant, public areas… 

bag on roll coreless
Available in various sizes, mics and colors as customers’ request

Haplast – A Reliable Manufacturer & Supplier of Bag On Roll Coreless

At Haplast, we have over 15 years of experience with plastic bags for a wide variety of applications.

We pride ourselves not just on our production of high-quality bags, but also our customer service. We work with you to find the solution for your flexible packaging needs.

If you are in the food service or food prep industry, Bag On Roll Coreless may be the ideal solution for you.

Bag On Roll Coreless / Coreless bags on rolls are poly bags with a bottom seal which is wound onto itself, without the aid of a paper or cardboard core. Therefore, once the roll is finished, there is no wasted packaging to dispose of.

No matter what application your new coreless bags will be used in, Haplast has got you covered.


bag on roll coreless
Bag on roll coreless can be used as Garbage Bags On Roll. These bags made from HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE…Garbage bags are usually large in size to store large amounts of waste. The size, thickness and color can be customized according to customer’s requirements. But the most popular color is black or dark blue.
We manufacture plastic bags in 2 modern factories in Vietnam. Here, our team tailor fits your order down to the most unique specifications. Just tell us your size specifications and chosen material. We can make bags from HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, biodegradable, compostable or recycled materials…
For example, if you want Bag on roll coreless for sandwich, low density material is a good choice.
Low density bags are thick, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. They are ideal for use in sandwich bags, individual product packaging bags, and similar products.
The beauty of low density coreless bags is their ability to hold heavy weight with a water tight seal, yet they are still flexible enough to avoid puncturing.
In addition, if being used for food storage or containment, we can provide FDA-approved materials to meet industry safety standards.
bag on roll coreless manufacturer
Our modern factory in Vietnam, which can produce all kind of plastic bags, packaging products… for your specific industry.
Bag On Roll Coreless / Coreless bags are just one of our many options. We can also manufacture poly bags that are side seal, double bottom seal and bottom seal with perforations.
Depending on your requirements, we can customize a poly roll to meet your unique needs. Because We specialize in creating the best flexible packaging for your specific industry.
If you have any questions about our poly products, our customer service team is eagerly waiting the chance to tell you more about our amazing products!

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