Amazing Die Cut Zipper Bags for Good, Clothing

Haplast offers Die Cut Zipper Bags with Custom Logo For Clothing. Bags are waterproof, durable & reusable, protect items inside from dust, contaminants & moisture.

What are Die Cut Zipper Bags ?

Our zipper locking die-cut handle bags are versatile and eye-catching printed.

The multi-purpose bags are suitable for packaging and marketing your goods, especially fashioned clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and more.

With their unique zip lock located below the die cut handle, these bags have an added measure of security for smaller items that may easily slip out of other bags.

These merchandise bags are easily customized with your store name or logo and will be sure to leave a lasting impact.

Die Cut Zipper Bags
These 3 mil plastic zip top bags, with a convenient die cut handle, protect your items from the elements and have impressive printing and durability. The strong plastic zipper top ensures an easy seal that is resealable and reusable.

The benefits of Die Cut Zipper Bags

Die Cut Zipper Bags
These lock top bags are made of 3mil polyethylene and have a single track ziplock style zipper closure that provide a strong grip to keep the contents safe. Side-weld seal reinforces the bag’s zipper for added strength. Protects items from outside contaminants, dust and moisture.


Die Cut Zipper Bags
Eye-Catching Packaging Designs Guaranteed To Attract Customers. 

Haplast offers all kind of ziplock bags that are approved for many different applications like: food storage & packaging, packing & marketing clothing, shoes, cosmetics,… and any other businesses that need to keep their products safe.



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