5 Common Usages of Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted poly bags have extra polyethylene on the bottom and/or sides that can expand and accommodate large amounts or bulky items.
This makes them a popular choice among restaurants, markets, bakeries, and frankly any business with products that need to be packaged!
Not only do they offer more fillable space, but gusseted poly bags offer several other benefits as well.
Gusseted Poly Bags
Soft loop handle bags serve multiple purposes as well as conveying an upscale look. The shopping bag with Cardboard bottom,  Side Gussets and the soft loop handles, one on each side of the bag, keep contents secured during travel. Use these bags when you want to increase stability, reduce movement, and the possibility of breakage.

What are the Benefits of Using Gusseted Poly Bags?

Gusseted plastic bags can stand upright on their own. Because they have flat bottoms, gusseted poly bags can stand upright without support when they are filled, which is great for displaying and storing without worrying about spilling. This also keeps the product in a stable position and makes packing a breeze.
Gusseted plastic bags take up less space. Though you can fit more in them, Gusseted plastic bags actually take up less space on a shelf than other types of packaging, which means you can store and display (and sell) more product.
Gusseted plastic bags are versatile. They are flexible and come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.
Gusseted plastic bags are portable. Since they are made of lightweight material, and the weight of their contents is distributed evenly, gusseted poly bags are easy to carry and move from place to place — a bonus for both your business and your customer.

5 Common Uses for Gusseted Poly Bags

With all the benefits gusseted poly bags provide, it’s no wonder businesses are opting for this type of packaging more and more. Their strength, versatility, and ability to expand make them ideal for a number of packaging needs. Here are 5 of the most common uses for gusseted poly bags:
01. Food Packaging
One of the main uses for gusseted poly bags is the packaging of various types of food. Gusseted bags are perfect for bulk candy, nuts, coffee, meat products, baked goods like bread, bagels, rolls, and cookies, and even ice.
Gusseted Poly Bags
Gusseted Plastic Bags for Bread Packaging
Gusseted Poly Bags
Gusseted Plastic Bags for candy, cookies, etc
02. Packaging of Bulky Products
With their ability to expand and the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, gusseted poly bags offer a great packaging solution for businesses with products that are large, bulky, or oddly shaped.
 Gusseted Poly Bags
Gusseted Poly Bags have gusseted (expandable) sides or bottom, which allows for more fillable space when the bag is opened
03: Packaging of Multiple Loose Items
From hardware like nuts and bolts and nails to arts and craft supplies, hospital and vet medications, or even agricultural items like grain and feed, if your business needs to package multiple loose items together, gusseted poly bags can solve your packaging needs.
04: Protective Storage
If you need to cover products stored on pallets, gusseted poly bags have got you covered. They are more cost-effective than pallet tarps, can accommodate large sizes, and their strength offers optimum protection. You can also use them for box liners to keep products clean and safe.
05: Packaging Items on the Move
Gusseted poly bags can be used to protect things like mattresses from dirt and moisture when storing, displaying, or moving. They also make great grab-and-go “t-shirt bags” like the kind you see at grocery stores with handles that resemble sleeves on a shirt.
Gusseted Poly Bags
Because they’re lightweight, easy to carry, and hold all shapes and sizes of products, gusseted poly bags used in this manner are the perfect packaging solution for groceries, restaurant take-out, retail clothing, and more.

Where Can You Get Top-Quality Gusseted Poly Bags?

Gusseted poly bags have a range of applications. From small products to large or bulky ones, there’s a gusseted poly bag perfect for packaging it, and HAPLAST has just what you need! We are committed to providing the best quality poly bags on the market and will help you determine what will work best for your packaging needs. From there, we can custom-manufacture the bag that’s best suited for your application. Looking for an affordable yet high-quality packaging solution? Reach out to HAPLAST today to learn how we can help.

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