5 Amazing Ways for Food Retail Packaging

Haplast offers a wide variety of bags for food retail packaging, that are safe for food contact, cost-effective and practical, easy to ship and stock…

The first option for Food Retail Packaging: Produce Bag roll

Produce Bags on a roll are Great value and fit all your needs.

Durable and Heavy produce bags for food packaging and storage, heavy-duty and won’t rip easily when separated from the roll, easy to open.

Suitable for Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, Convenient Stores, Grocery Stores, Side Road Fruit Stands and more.

A great household item to have on hand, great for kitchen use, great for storing fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, and good for disposal of waste like diapers.

Food Retail Packaging

The second option for Food Retail Packaging: Deli Saddle Bag

Haplast offers Saddle Pack Deli bags to use for sandwiches, subs, bagels, and much more. We have 2 styles to offer: Flip tops bags or Zip and Slider bags.

These bags are safe for food contact, and are designed to make high volume food packaging fast and easy.

Thanks to the saddle pack dispenser, it’s easy to open the bag with one hand and insert your products with the other.

All of our saddle pack bags are designed to fit standard deli bag stands.

Food Retail Packaging

The third option for Food Retail Packaging: Wicketed Bag

Haplast offers wholesale wicketed poly bags for all your food and non-food packaging needs, that are held together on a thin metal bar (or wicket) that makes dispensing faster and easier.
We can produce wicketed bags in various sizes and styles for a multitude of applications.
Our clear wicketed bags are safe for food contact. A bottom gusset provides extra space for proper arrangement and presentation of items that go inside.

Food Retail Packaging

The fourth option for Food Retail Packaging: Flat Bread Bag

How many loaves of bread, pastries or cookies can you bake at once?

If you own a bakery you might be baking hundreds of loaves and cakes on a daily basis.

This bread bags bulk pack comes with 200 clear food safe bags or more to ensure that you can pack and present your baked goods beautifully.

Food Retail Packaging

The fifth option for Food Retail Packaging: Confectionery Bag with twist tie

The packing bag is flat pocket, and come with twist tie.

It is great for packaging products in bakeries, confectionery shops, or home-made candies, cookies, pastries, cake pops, doughnut, which can give your guests a great impression.

Food Retail Packaging

All these bags are Safe for food contact, Strong and Versatile, provides excellent water and vapor barrier properties making them ideal for produce, meat, seafood, frozen food, pastries and confectioneries, etc. With smart design, the bag allows customers to tear off and use easily, so they can safely package and transport a variety of different food items.

Perfect for home or commercial use such as supermarkets, bakeries, farmer’s markets, and candy stores,…


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