5 Amazing Types of Custom Plastic Bread Bags

For bakeries and other food service applications, custom plastic bread bags are perfect for transporting baked goods while also spreading brand awareness. At Haplast, we can offer you a wide range of bakery bags with your company logo or name printed on the front, these food bags will make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

5 Types of Custom Plastic Bread Bags made by Haplast JSC

Custom Plastic Bread Bags
Experience the ultimate in bread packaging with custom printed plastic bread bags, designed to meet all the important qualities that customers look for in food packaging. Our custom bread bags are visually appealing with superior printing quality, ensuring that your bread looks as good as it tastes. Our special formulation ensures that our bags are soft to the touch yet strong enough not to tear easily, making them perfect for bakeries and food manufacturers. These bags can be custom printed up to 9 colors. And We can offer gusseted bags to ensure maximum storage capacity for your bread.
Custom Plastic Bread Bags
These clear plastic bread bags will give your buns a stylish look, and  beautifully display sweet treats on the shelf. Constructed from high-quality plastic, these packaging bags resist rips and tears and are heat sealable to lock in freshness, preserve the taste of your food all day long. The bags are gusseted, have a flat bottom, and include a paper insert so they can sit up and stylishly display your baked goods and party favors at your home or special occasions. 


Custom Plastic Bread Bags
Our wicketed bread bags are easy to use and made from FDA approved virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Wicketed plastic bread bags are packaged on a u-shaped wire, and are easy to use in manual load applications. Wicketed bread bags come in all sizes, and are able to hold most types of bread. There are a variety of closure options available: tape, twist ties, staples, or heat sealing open ends.
Custom Plastic Bread Bags
Saddle Pack Deli bags are commonly used for sandwiches, subs, bagels, and much more. These plastic bread bags meet FDA and USDA specifications, and are designed to make high volume food packaging fast and easy. Thanks to the saddle pack dispenser, it’s easy to open the bag with one hand and insert your products with the other. All of our saddle pack bags are designed to fit standard deli bag stands.
Custom Plastic Bread Bags
These imprinted frosted clear die cut bags are created especially for the food service industry, and you can have a customized packaging solution that will not only perfect for transporting baked goods, but also spreading brand awareness. Bags have wide gussets for ease in holding pastry & dessert boxes, food service trays and soup containers. With your company logo or other information printed on the front, custom plastic bread bags make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Why should you choose Haplast for Custom Plastic Bread Bags ?

Our clear plastic bread bags have numerous built-in features that provide a wide variety of benefits, some of these features include:
  • Custom plastic bread bags made to your specifications
  • Food Safe poly bread bags ( FDA and USDA approved for food applications )
  • Made of high-quality 100% virgin polyethylene material
  • Printed or unprinted custom bread and bakery bags
  • Can be made in flat or gusseted construction
  • Gusseted bread bags can be fitted with either side or bottom gussets that expand, depending on your product requirements.
  • Wicketed bags are available for easy loading
  • Custom plastic bread bags can be heat sealed, taped, tied, or stapled shut.
  • Plastic bread bags offer durability to keep your baked goods well-preserved when compared to cloth or paper bread bags.
  • Cost-effective and Recyclable.
  • Our custom clear printed bread bags are perfect for those who operate in various types of food and bakery industries, some of which include: Food Service Companies, Bakeries, Bakery Tradeshows, Home Bakeries and more.
Haplast JSC can manufacture fully customized bakery bags to meet your unique baked good packaging requirements.
Our bread bags are fully customizable, from sizes, styles to printing options. We also offer additional bakery bag features such as venting.
If you are interested in this product, please let me know! Our experts are eager to help you find the best packaging solution that meets all your needs.

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