5 Advantages Of Custom Printed Poly Wicketed Bags

Our Poly Wicketed Bags are the answer to the need for a bagging system that is quick and smooth. They make packaging faster and more efficient.

What Are Poly Wicketed Bags?

Wicketed bags are a stack of plastic bags attached to a wire wicket. The bags securely hold in place by rubber washers and sometimes a chipboard header.
Poly Wicketed Bags
The bottom line with poly wicketed bags is they make it incredibly straightforward to package items quickly, ultimately saving you time and money.
Poly Wicketed Bag
Poly Wicketed Bag

5 Advantages Of Custom Printed Poly Wicketed Bags 

Printed Poly Wicketed Bags allow the handling & packaging of products done more quickly and efficiently

Individual poly bags can be difficult to open quickly. The layers of the bag often stick together, making it a challenge to open them immediately. Unless your employees all have very nimble fingers, you’ll notice your production line slows down with individual bags.
On the contrary, wicketed bags are easy for anyone to open quickly, fill, and seal. With the bags mounted on a wicket, you can easily open them with one hand as you place a product inside with the other. When you’ve finished packing one product, another bag is waiting in place for you on the wire wicket.
The wicket effectively acts as a dispenser for plastic bags, allowing for maximum efficiency. You can also easily blow the bags open with a fan for even faster packaging.

Printed Poly Wicketed Bags are Easy to Customize

There are many customization options, including the ability to add printed logos, bottom gussets, and custom sizing, color, and thickness.
Wicketed bags can also be on a staple pack instead of a wire wicket. Stapled packs can be stacked and placed on a wicket.
Poly Wicketed Bags
We can print your custom design on each bag. With each purchase your customers make, they’ll be carrying around your logo.

Custom Printed Poly Wicketed Bags are Cost-Effective

Firstly, Poly Wicketed Bags are incredibly cost-effective as they save you time during the packaging process. You’ll be able to package more products per day.
Secondly, wicketed bags can also be made out of recycled materials if you’re looking to cut costs and be eco-friendly.
Thirdly, you can also select a bag size that’s no bigger than their product demands to reduce waste.
Finally, When you’re able to package more products in less time, you’re ready to sell more products. This formula ultimately translates to more significant profits and growing business.

Poly Wicketed Bags allow for Quick Turnaround Time Between Jobs

Being mounted on a wicket makes these bags extremely easy to walk away from and come back to between jobs. It’s easy for workers to pick up right where they left off to resume their tasks.
You always know that when you’re through with one bag, another one is waiting right behind it on the wicket, ready to go. Easy access reduces turnaround times.

Poly Wicketed Bags are suitable for Many Different Industries 

You may be wondering if this style of the bag makes sense for your operation. Businesses across all industries use wicketed poly bags for packaging their products. Such as:
  • Food packaging
  • Bakeries
  • Grocery stores (specifically for produce)
  • Clothing and garment sellers
  • Mechanical component manufacturers…
No matter what your product is, it would help if you packaged it. Wicketed bags can make the process easier.
Production operations across a wide range of industries have made the switch to wicketed poly bags. The results are because of the undeniable improvements in packaging speed. Indeed, you will see guaranteed improvement in your packaging efficiency if you make the switch as well.
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