3 Amazing Advantages of Ziplock Jewelry Bags

Haplast offers Ziplock Jewelry Bags, that are made of high quality plastic durable and strong, providing a good protection and display for your goods.

Ziplock Jewelry Bags are incredibly durable and protect your good effectively

Our Clear Ziplock Jewelry Bags are made of food grade plastic material, 100% airtight, non-toxic, odorless, and effectively protect your merchandise against  moisture, dirt…
The clear pouchs are suitable for storage jewelry, jade, gemstones, earrings,necklaces, rings, coins, small silver, pearls, crafts and small gifts, etc. They’re also great for industrial, food service and medical industry applications.
Ziplock Jewelry Bags
Ziplock Jewelry Bag
These zip lock plastic bags are completely airtight and waterproof, and have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the content inside safe and clean.

Ziplock Jewelry Bags are perfect for organizing to keep your room orderly

These zipper bags are suitable for storing and organizing small parts. Especially, the mini size is very easy to carry and store, and can be stored in a box, saving space.

Ziplock Jewelry Bags are reusable and save your money

These ziplock plastic bags are easy to open and close with Instant and secure self seal zipper, can be reused for many times.

Furthermore, our small poly bags are not only used for jewelry, but also suitable for saving pills, storing food such as cookies, candy, varieties of snacks, party favors, or small soaps, buttons, beads, coins, paperclips, fishing set ups, earbuds, screws, bolts…

So, you can save a lot of money.

Ziplock Jewelry Bag

Ziplock Jewelry Bag

Ziplock Jewelry Bags

We trust you will love our pristine Poly Zipper Bags just as much as we do. So if you have any need, please contact us right now!!!

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