10 Types of Amazing Multi Layer Food Pouch

At Haplast, we offer a wide variety of premium quality and affordable price Multi Layer Food Pouches.

What is multi layer food pouch?

Multi layer food pouches are made from several different types of plastic layered together to ensure no particles can pass from the environment into the packaged goods.

Advantages of using multi layer food packaging pouches

  • Good barrier against the permeability of gases, water, steam, bad odours and oxygen.
  • Ease of printing – reverse printing is possible in such laminated material
  • Ease for customers – to improve the visual appeal of items.
  • Properties relevant to the end user – Clear Windows for easy identification, zipper seal for easy opening & closing many times, tear notch allows the end user to easily open the bag/pouch, valve, holes for hanging, etc..
  • Extending shelf life of the packaged goods…

A wide ranges of multi layer food pouches we have:

1. Printed Glossy Laminated Snack Packaging Pouches

multi layer food pouches
2. Stand Up Pouches For Coffee and Tea 
multi layer food pouch
3. Fresh Fruit Packaging Bags with Ziplock and Air holes
multi layer food pouch
4. Types of Stand Up Pouches for Nuts Packaging
multi layer food pouch
Clear Front/Silver Back Food graded Standup Pouches with Zipper
multi layer food pouch
Three side seal transparent front Pouches
multi layer food pouch
Brown/ White Kraft Paper Food Graded Standup Pouches with Zipper & Matt Window
multi layer food pouch
Custom Individual Design Printed Food Grade Plastic Packaging Stand Up Pouches
5. Laminated Customized Plastic Drink Bag with Spout for Liquid Food Packaging
Multi Layer Food Pouch
6. Custom Laminated Plastic Bags for Frozen Food Packaging
Multi Layer Food Pouch

7. Custom Printed Food Packaging Bags For Instant Noodle

Multi Layer Food Pouch

8. Ice Cream Packaging Bags

Multi Layer Food Pouch

9. Laminated Plastic Bags for Pet Food Packaging

Multi Layer Food Pouch

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